Concept 2 Rower For Sale

concept 2 rower for sale

Find out why thousands of people choosing Concept 2 as their rowing machine

Despite the abundance of rowing machines available on the market, the Concept2 Model D Rower definitely outperforms all other devices of this kind.

People often think that price is the best indication of quality, and this is why rowers of the highest quality tend to have the highest price as well.

Concept2 Model D for sale is available for home and commercial use, being incredibly durable and practically unbreakable. This makes this model the best choice for fitness clubs and sports gyms of all kinds.  

As for home training, this model is the best option if you need a rower to train all groups of muscles. Both professional and amateur sportsmen rank this rower as their favorite!

Judging from the vast majority of positive reviews, this rower definitely remains on top of popularity. Besides, I have used this model for quite a long time myself, and I share the same opinion about it.

Still, there are several issues that need to be highlighted in this review, as will be discussed below.

Types of Reluctance

Concept 2 Model D belongs to the category of wind-resistance rowing machines.

Wind reluctance is enabled by pulling the paddle to move the fan propeller. Together with the paddling of the rower, the wind in front of the machine also moves provoking resistance.

The speed at which you move the paddle affects the amount of wind displaced so that the level of reluctance increases progressively.

To put it simple, the harder/faster the fan propeller spins, the more resistance you will encounter.

This is more or less similar to the way water reluctance works, but it slightly differs from the way magnetic and liquid operated rowers operate.

You may take a look at a complete review of different resistance types of rowers to learn the details on each of the available options.

You may also have a closer look at my in-depth analysis of wind-resistance and magnetic rowers to get a clear understanding of how they operate.

Wind reluctance rowers run a lot smoother and represent the best choice for all sportsmen.

Concept2 Model D or E is often used by world-class professional rowers who need to train outside water to enhance their performance. This is because these models are equipped with the precise data recording system and an ability to create real-time resistance as if paddling through water.

This is exactly why concept 2 rower for sale is the best option on the market.

Advantages of Resistance

Concept 2 Model D ensures smooth movements that are similar to real-time paddling on the water surface with no lagging during the workout. This means that you will enjoy absolutely error-free resistance throughout your training session.

Evidently, the level of reluctance heavily relies on the level of energy applied while rowing. The faster you are moving, the greater resistance you experience.

There are also automatically synchronizing types of reluctance, commonly referred to as “variable” reluctance.

Wind resistance rowers are somewhat different from treadmills where you need to keep up with the current level of speed. They also differ from magnetic rowers, which presuppose the same level of reluctance throughout your training time.

Concept2 Model D, however, allows moving at your own speed, and the reluctance level will change respectively.

The adjustable resistance is the best option for highly intensive training, as you will not need to pause your training session to alter speed or other settings. This makes this model the most suitable option for Crossfit facilities.

Besides, Model D does not require any maintenance whatsoever, and even if it does, it is quite easy to solve any arising problem.

Durable and Functional Design

Model D is a well-crafted device according to its design and durability. It has a sturdy construction that ensures maximum comfort during the workout. At the same time, it has a moderately small size and perfect design for home use.

PM5 Display

It is increasingly easy to operate PM5 display preventing any discomfort during its usage. It is equipped with impulse meter and demonstrates such indicators as SPM, heartbeat level, the number of calories and the distance passed. Click on “Just row” button and get started!

Model D has a relatively high price, although it cannot be defined as the most costly type of rower, so if you are thinking of using it for home training, it is definitely worth making such an investment.

Overall, this model is the most trustworthy and altogether up-to-date device, which could be compared to WaterRower model and LifeCoreR100 rower for commercial use.

The Concept2 Model D rower is specially crafted to ensure secure home training in order to avoid excessive pressure on muscles and prevent any possible injury. This rower ensures lifelike movements, and its construction allows accustoming all groups of muscles to guarantee intensive training within a short period of time. All models of this type are a perfect choice for power and cardio workout, as they are convenient and easy to use being also highly functional. The levels of pressure and reluctance can be easily changed with the help of special settings at absolutely any time during your training session, while the very construction of this rower allows making smooth natural movements without any irritating noise coming from the machine.

Furthermore, if you’d like to fully control your training session, you can easily use the PM5 display for your ultimate convenience. It will allow regulating the number of movements per minute, the amount of energy burned, distance passed, heartbeat level and much more in a single piece of machinery. This will ensure steady progress on your way to better results. It will also provide detailed information about your performance.

Overall, these are the main reasons why Model D rower is the best option on today’s market. If you are in search of a trustworthy and durable device for home use that will not take much space and will allow easy storage and transportation, we recommend that you purchase Model D without a second thought. It will transform your training experience and guarantee high-quality and intensive workout altogether. After all, its ever-growing popularity is the best proof of its reliability.