Concept 2 SkiErg

The Concept2 SkiErg is a revolutionary device that offers a superb ski-specific upper body exercise. It’s excellent for testing and interval training and has got the capacity to make you a much faster skier.

Experts: exceptionally ski-specific. Fantastic simulation of poling motion. Advanced pc is excellent for analyzing, competing against other skiers, and documenting workouts. Fantastic price.

Disadvantages: Relatively big, cheaper version has to be wall mounted. Can cheat on evaluations by over-compressing. No only sticking. Perhaps not an inconsequential investment.

The Concept2 SkiErg was created by the very same folks that brought the rowing and fitness center community that the Indoor Rower. Concept2 has turned their focus to ski, and have generated a machine which could have a considerable effect on skiing training.

We analyzed the model that’s equipped as a standalone device and fitted using the Concept2 PM4 screen. Here is the more innovative of both Performance Monitors from Concept2. Though the Concept2 SkiErg is currently available for purchase, our evaluation version, obtained in April, is regarded as an innovative model. Some changes might have been made on the creation version in regions which range from images to the monitor program. The total operation should be the exact same, however.

The SkiErg is strong and well-built. Longevity testing has been beyond the scope of this inspection, but with appropriate maintenance, there doesn’t seem to be some reason why the SkiErg should not hold up to years of use.

The Concept2 SkiErg creates the sport of Nordic ski readily available to everybody. Long recognized as providing one of the hardest exercises round, Nordic skiing develops both stamina and endurance and exercises that the legs in addition to the arms and heart. The SkiErg may be utilized for both double rod and timeless alternating arm technique.

The SkiErg employs exactly the exact same flywheel resistance and digital tracking methods as our indoor rower, the recognized selection of rowing athletes around the globe since 1981, and that means that you may be certain that the machine was designed to last. In addition to being durable and well constructed, the SkiErg is complex too, using an innovative monitor that offers immediate, precise performance information.

Whether you are an elite panoramic skier looking to boost your own poling power, a weekend enthusiast trying to get into shape for the ski season, or simply somebody looking for a fantastic workout, the SkiErg can help you attain your objectives.

Other Specs:

Performance Monitor: The Performance Monitor is exactly what sets the Concept2 SkiErg besides other cross-country training apparatus: complex yet simple to use, it permits you to accurately rate your output, track your progress, and also compare your scores with other people. Every SkiErg comes together with our most innovative Performance Monitor.
Ergonomic Strapless Handles The SkiErg’s ergonomic, strapless handles supply for a comfortable, secure grip.
Included along with your Purchase: Performance Monitor with Quick Start Guide, SkiErg Product Manual & Tools and illustrated assembly instructions.