U.S., Europe whip U.N. votes for historic Russia rebuke

A senior British diplomat described the campaign as a “massive lobbying and outreach effort.” It involves nearly every level of the US diplomatic infrastructure, from ambassadors to assistant secretaries to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Members of Congress might even make some calls. If passed, the resolution would boost the Western effort to isolate Russian … Read more

South Korea apologises after missile fired in response to North Korea test crashes | South Korea

South Korea’s military has apologised after a missile it launched during a drill on Tuesday malfunctioned and crashed to the ground, causing alarm among nearby residents who thought they were under attack from North Korea, which had test launched a missile earlier in the day. The live-fire drill, involving South Korea and the US, was … Read more

British couple slain, fed to crocodiles: cops

A British couple was kidnapped, murdered and fed to crocodiles while searching a nature reserve in South Africa for rare seeds, a court heard Tuesday. Horticulturist Rod Saunders, 74, and his wife, microbiologist Dr. Rachel Saunders, 63, were camping in the remote Ngoye Forest Reserve when they disappeared in February 2018, the Daily Mail reported. … Read more

$100 million NJ deli defendant hires lawyer who repped Martin Shkreli

Hometown Deli, Paulsboro, NJ Mike Calia | CNBC Peter Coker Sr., one of the defendants in the case of the so-called $100 million New Jersey deli, hired a lawyer who represented “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, according to a new court filing Tuesday. Coker Sr. hired Marc Agnifilo to represent him in his case against the … Read more

How the US might respond to a Russian nuclear attack in Ukraine

As concerns grow over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear saber-rattling amid continued losses in Ukraine, what a US response would look like has become an increasingly urgent question. US officials since the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine have stressed there are plans being developed to counter a range of moves by Moscow but have … Read more

Musk sets off a firestorm with his plan for ‘peace’ in Ukraine

Elon Musk is drawing criticism after he tweeted a “peace” proposal for Ukraine that involved permanently making the Crimean Peninsula part of Russia and potentially recognizing the country’s annexation claims to four Ukrainian territories. Musk ashked his more than 100 million Twitter followers to vote on the proposal, which included conducting United Nations-supervised referendums in … Read more

Mexico: reporters and activists hacked with NSO spyware despite assurances | Mexico

Journalists and human rights defenders in Mexico were hacked using spyware made by Israel’s NSO Group as recently as 2021, even after the country’s current government swore it was no longer going to use the hacking software, new research has found. The alleged victims of the spyware include two journalists who report on issues related … Read more

US Navy’s latest and most advanced aircraft carrier deploys for first time

CNN — The US Navy’s newest and most advanced aircraft carrier left on its first deployment Tuesday from Norfolk, Virginia, designed to put the ship through its paces and exercise with allies in North America and Europe. The USS Gerald Ford is the first new aircraft carrier designed in “over 40 years,” according to the … Read more