Former Rhode Island mayor Susan Menard’s remains identified

One of the two bodies discovered in a former Rhode Island mayor’s home earlier this week has been identified as former Woonsocket Mayor Susan Menard, Rhode Island health officials announced.

Authorities said they discovered two “severely decomposed” bodies belonging to an elderly man and woman inside Menard’s home earlier this week.

Menard had been the longest-serving mayor of Woonsocket, a town of roughly 40,000 in the northern part of Rhode Island near the Massachusetts border, the Providence Journal reported. She served from 1995 to 2009.

The state Medical Examiner's Office said one of the bodies found in a Woonsocket home Monday was former Mayor Susan Menard.

According to a recent obituary in the Providence Journal, Menard’s brother Robert Miller, 81, died Saturday.

It remains unclear whether the other body is Miller: State health officials said Wednesday they had yet to identify the second body. A Rhode Island Health Department spokesperson on Friday told USA TODAY there was no update on the body’s identity.

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