Saline Nasal Irrigation After Covid-19 Diagnosis Reduces Hospitalization

A neti pot can be used to irrigate sinuses Getty Images/iStockphoto A new study from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University has found that irrigating your nose twice a day with a saline solution after testing positive for Covid-19 can decrease your chances of hospitalization and death in higher-risk patients. Participants in the … Read more

CDC: early figures show unvaccinated at much higher risk for monkeypox

People who were eligible for a monkeypox vaccine but did not receive one were about 14 times more likely to become infected than those who were vaccinated, according to preliminary data released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While extremely limited, the figures offer an initial look at the effectiveness of … Read more

CDC loosens mask mandates for health care facilities

The federal government is no longer recommending universal masking in health care facilities, according to new CDC recommendations quietly published last week. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention edict issued Friday reversed nearly two and a half of years of guidance in saying that face coverings are now only required in hospitals and nursing … Read more

‘Untreatable’ STI linked to infertility due to ‘silent spread’

A new sexually transmitted possible “superbug” that has proven resistant to antibiotics thus far has scientists worried amid an “out of control” STD epidemic, with the medical community saying more screenings for the disease are needed. Mycoplasma genitalium — also known as M. genitalium or M. gen — is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that … Read more

Can you get flu, COVID-19 booster shots at the same time?

As flu season gets underway, some Marylanders are wondering whether to get the flu shot and the new COVID-19 booster shot at the same time.|| COVID-19 updates | Maryland’s latest numbers | Get tested | Vaccine Info ||The Maryland Hospital Association is encouraging everyone who is eligible to get the COVID-19 booster shot as soon … Read more