No Significant Increase in Guillain-Barré Syndrome After COVID-19 Vaccination, Researchers Find

Newswise — There is no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccination increases the incidence of Guillain-Barré syndrome, a rare neurological disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves, according to a Rutgers-led study. Published in the journal Vaccine, a statistical analysis by a Rutgers team found that there was not a significant association between … Read more

Saline Nasal Irrigation After Covid-19 Diagnosis Reduces Hospitalization

A neti pot can be used to irrigate sinuses Getty Images/iStockphoto A new study from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University has found that irrigating your nose twice a day with a saline solution after testing positive for Covid-19 can decrease your chances of hospitalization and death in higher-risk patients. Participants in the … Read more

A new drug seeks ‘true revenge’ on COVID by turning the virus against itself

A neurologist at a prestigious US research institute has developed an experimental COVID treatment he calls “true revenge” that weaponizes the virus against itself. The treatment, dubbed NMT5, was created by Scripps Research Institute’s Neurodegeneration New Medicines Center founding director Dr. Stuart Lipton and a team of scientists. It’s a derivative of memantine, an Alzheimer’s … Read more

NH health workers worry about impending COVID-19 surge

The New Hampshire Medical Society said Monday there are initial signs of a COVID-19 surge as colder weather arrives.The group’s latest COVID-19 update points to a rise in cases in the United States and the United Kingdom. Front-line health care workers said they’re concerned that this could be a rough season for COVID-19 and the … Read more

Buffalo shooting highlights mental health

Buffalo, NY CNN — The day after Buffalo experienced the largest mass shooting in its history, teams of emergency volunteers and mental health counselors arrived on the scene, offering emotional support and distributing food. The response was robust and swift, but there was one big problem. “The community didn’t feel comfortable coming up the stairs … Read more

Long covid: What we know about the loss of smell and taste

CNN — Imagine waking up one morning after recovering from Covid-19 to find that your coffee smells like unwashed socks, your eggs reek of feces and your orange juice tastes metallic. Oddly, that’s a good thing: It’s a sign you still have a working sense of smell – even if it’s miswired in your brain. … Read more

Led by Hong Kong, Asian stocks on track to suffer worst month since Covid began

Hong Kong CNN Business — Asian markets are careening toward their worst month since the Covid pandemic began, hit by a mighty US dollar and rising global recession fears. The MSCI Asia ex-Japan Index — which captures 10 major markets across Asia, excluding Japan — has fallen 12.8% so far this month, on track to … Read more

Experts anticipate dual Covid AND flu outbreak as influenza cases begin to rise in southern states 

Both Covid and flu could surge this winter causing a dreaded ‘twindemic’, experts fear — with some southern states already feeling the early stages of an influenza resurgence. The flu was largely wiped out over the past two years of the pandemic when lockdowns, working from home and the far more transmissible coronavirus limited its … Read more

Supreme Court Drops 1 COVID Safety Measure, Keeps Another

The Supreme Court said it will allow members of the public to return to the court to watch oral arguments in person in its fall 2022 session starting next week, and will also continue sharing an audio livestream of the proceedings. “Seating for the oral argument sessions will be provided to the public, members of … Read more

Opinion: My 5-year-old daughter just confirmed our decision to leave China

Editor’s Note: Matthew Bossons (@MattBossons) is managing editor of the Shanghai-based online publication Radii. He has lived in China since 2014. The views expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion on CNN. Shanghai CNN — When word began circulating on social media and in group chats in mid-September that one of China’s … Read more