Half-Life 2’s Excellent PC VR Mod Is Almost Too Good To Be True

poison: Valve / Source VR Mod Team / Kotaku As of last week, a long-held dream of playing Valve’s landmark 2004 shooter Half Life 2 in virtual reality has finally come to fruition. The journey began nearly 10 years ago, when a man named Nathan Andrews managed to hack together a functioning version of the … Read more

Blizzard Announces LGBTQ+ Inclusive Programs For Overwatch 2

Screenshot: Blizzard Today, Activision Blizzard announced three programs coming to Overwatch 2‘s competitive and casual scene. These aim to foster a healthy environment, with a focus on its new and returning LGBTQ+ player base. In a blog post titled “Calling All Heroes,” the overwatch team and its competitive E-Sports program, Overwatch League (OWL), announced it … Read more

GameStop Pre-Orders Are A Major Mess Right Now, Staff Say

Photo: SOPA Images (Getty Images) “Is there anything you want to pre-order?” almost nobody walks in and out of a GameStop without hearing those words. Employees are measured against how many pre-orders they can rack up while GameStop rakes in the cash months ahead of a game’s actual release. But lately, the strategy has been … Read more

Stadia’s Sudden Shutdown Blindsided Staff, Devs, And Bungie

Photo: Hulton Archive / Stringer / Kotaku (Getty Images) Few thought Google’s troubled streaming service, Stadia, might ever become a dominant player in the gaming industry, but almost no one expected it to shut down so abruptly, including the company’s own employees. Stadia VP Phil Harrison, fast becoming the grim reaper of new gaming initiatives, … Read more

Bethesda’s Hoping You’d Pay $70 For Skyrim On Switch

Screenshot: Bethesda / Kotaku Almost a year after it came to every other platform, Skyrim: Anniversary Edition surprise launched on the Nintendo Switch today. The newest version of the beloved 2011 open-world RPG includes a bunch of DLC, mod content, and fishing. It’s also $70 on Nintendo’s handheld hybrid. Gotham Knights and Callisto Protocol aren’t … Read more

Chess Fans Think Big Scandal Is Causing More Online Cheating

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos (Getty Images) Remember the anal bead cheating controversy? As much as I’d like to forget, it turns out that a lot of people are still thinking about it. Some chess players have reported an uptick of computer-aided cheating in chess.com matches ever since the story about Hans Niemann broke. One player has … Read more

Among Us Players Are Using The Lobbies To Have Cyber Sex Now

Filtering through the Northern American server of Among Us, users will stumble across a variety of oddly-titled lobbies. “HornyRPOnly,” or “SingleGirl,” even “Hrny Bakugo RP.” Inside these lobbies are a multitude of horny gamers, searching for like minded individuals to cyber with. As a 27-year-old looking to play their favorite guilty pleasure game, but with … Read more

There’s A Lore Reason Why Elden Ring’s Runebears Kick Your Butt

Screenshot: FromSoftware Elden Ring throws all manner of fiendish monstrosities at you, but few will make your hair stand on edge the way a Runebear does after it catches your scent. I’ve only ever killed barely a few Runebears in the hundreds of hours I’ve put into FromSoftware’s open-world game; I’d literally rather fight Malenia … Read more

Ubisoft’s Big Pirate Game Stuck In Dev Hell Gets Delayed Again

Image: Ubisoft Ubisoft faces another massive delay. earlier this year it was Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. now it’s Skull and Bonesthe Assassin’s Creed publisher’s only major fall blockbuster. Previously set to come out in November, two sources familiar with the game’s development now tell Kotaku it’s been delayed again. Ubisoft confirmed as much shortly after … Read more