Judge Rules Trump Can Ignore Special Master Order To Prove Claim FBI ‘Planted’ Docs

US District Judge Aileen Cannon ruled on Thursday that Donald Trump does not have to comply with an order by the special master to put up or shut up about his claims that the FBI “planted” information among documents that agents seized from Mar-a-Lago . Special master Raymond Dearie — a federal judge who was … Read more

Special Master Calls Out Lawyers On Trump’s Claim That FBI ‘Planted’ Mar-A-Lago Records

US District Judge Raymond Dearie, who is acting as a special master in the Mar-a-Lago documents case, on Thursday demanded that Donald Trump’s lawyers substantiate another one of the former president’s claims: that the FBI “planted” records. Dearie ordered Trump’s legal team to submit by Sept. 30 a list of specific items in the Justice … Read more

Telepathy? Trump Claims He Could Declassify Documents ‘By Thinking About It’

Donald Trump just made one of the broadest claims of presidential power yet, telling Fox News host Sean Hannity he had the ability to declassify government documents with his mind. Or, as one US senator summed it up, Trump appears to think it can be done “telepathically.” The claim comes after the FBI discovered highly … Read more